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The Kambo Reset is Moving to Costa Rica!

Thank you, San Diego, for an incredible journey. 

A New Journey Begins

Life has taken me on a new path, and I am excited to share this next chapter with you. I have relocated and am currently taking a break from serving Kambo to focus on building a new sacred space: Casa Nocturna.

Casa Nocturna is an exclusive dark room retreat nestled in the jungle valley of Pérez Zeledón in Costa Rica. This retreat is designed for advanced practitioners seeking to push the edges of the human experience, offering a unique opportunity to dive deep into the mysteries of your mind in an environment devoid of external stimuli. 

Viva frog family!

Winter Harvey

Winter Harvey.jpg

Stay Connected

I invite you to explore the benefits of dark room meditation, Kambo, and sananga at Casa Nocturna, opening early 2025.

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