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Ceremony Flow

  • Breathwork

  • Sananga  

  • Intention Setting 

  • Hapé

  • Kambo ritual application

  • Savasana w/ sound healing

  • Hot tea, fruit & integration chat

All ceremonies will be held at an upscale private studio in San Diego's Crown Point neighborhood. 


Sananga and hapé are always optional

Kambo is non-psychoactive; safe & legal when administered by a qualified practitioner.

What to Expect.

Commonly described as an "ordeal medicine," the frog secretion is known for its powerful emetic or purgative effects. It makes you uncomfortable, and that's the point.  There is no distraction from the discomfort, which is part of its therapeutic nature. For centuries, people have used Kambo to initiate profound physical, energetic, and spiritual purges. 

During the ritual, superficial burns are made on the skin using a vine and the Kambo tonic is applied directly onto the openings, allowing the medicine to enter the body safely. 


While there is no specific diet for kambo, there are a few requirements and recommendations.

  • Avoid alcohol and drugs: Stay away from alcohol and recreational drugs for at least 48 hours before the ceremony. Do not engage in prolonged fasting, liver cleanses, or take detox supplements/teas to prepare for a Kambo session.

  • Fasting: Don't eat anything for 8 hours before the ceremony. This will help your body process Kambo more effectively. If your ceremony is in the morning, it is recommended you have your last meal by midnight the night before. Refrain from caffeine the morning of your ceremony. 

  • Hydration: On the day of the ceremony, drink only what you need. Small sips. You'll have to drink up to 1.5 liters of water before the Kambo is applied, so don't overdo it beforehand. Drinking too much water can lead to a dangerous condition called hyponatremia. You will be provided with mineral water for the ceremony, no need to bring your own. 

  • Self-care: Take care of yourself in the days and weeks leading up to your Kambo ceremony. Eat healthy, nourishing food, and stay hydrated, as you'll need your strength during the ceremony.

  • Set your intentions: Reflect on why you're choosing to participate in a Kambo ceremony. What do you hope to gain from the experience? How do you want to feel afterward? What aspects of your life do you want to heal or improve? Spend some time journaling, meditating, or going for a quiet walk to think about your intentions. This will help you gain clarity and make the most of your Kambo experience.

Wear comfortable clothing like a tank top/t-shirt or something with sleeves that can be rolled up easily. Bring a hair tie. Feel free to bring small ritual items to place on the altar.  

Hape Kambo Ritual San Diego
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