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A member of the Matses tribe prepares Kambo medicine in the jungle.jpg



Kambo is often referred to as "Warrior Medicine" due to its usage primarily for hunting in the Amazon. It's believed to enhance stamina, heighten sensory perception, and enhance both physical and mental resilience, key traits for any warrior.

Imagine yourself in the heart of the Amazon jungle. Wouldn't you want your senses to be exceptionally sharp, your intuition perfectly aligned, and your movements stealthy and swift like a feline?


This is where Kambo comes in.

My mentors, the Matses tribe, also known as the "Jaguar People", are known for their warrior-like spirit. They proudly display facial tattoos as a symbol of their warrior status and a message to anyone they encounter in the jungle. They signal their readiness to fiercely protect their tribe. They are the "Hells Angels" of the Amazon.

Rather than using Ayahuasca or other plants that cause out-of-body experiences, the Matses rely on Kambo and Nünü, a specific type of snuff, as their primary medicines. These substances are believed to help them gain insights and messages crucial for their hunting activities.


The Kambo sticks used for The Kambo Reset come directly from a group of Matsés living in the remote corners of the Peruvian jungle.


I am fortunate to have been invited to the Matses village for cultural exchange and to establish a direct supply line to ensure the authenticity of the Kambo sticks I use.


I've had the extraordinary experience of meeting the Kambo frog face-to-face and harvesting its medicine myself. 

And most importantly, I received permission and blessings to serve this medicine in the Western world, with the tribe leader stating, "I want you to serve this medicine because your people are sick." 


And he's not wrong, the negative impacts of the modern pharmaceutical industry, polluted food, water, and air, as well as our disconnection from nature, are causing our society to become increasingly unwell.

I urge you to be cautious when selecting who to serve you.  It's essential to find a reputable practitioner for your safety and to protect the integrity of Kambo. There are practitioners out there who may source Kambo without proper training or safety protocols.


Sticks are being sold online that are nothing more than "egg whites & yucca paste."  Basically, just trust your intuition when choosing a practitioner.



The Kambo frog isn't endangered, but their rainforest habitat is. To do my part, I donate 10% of my monthly ceremony proceeds back to the Matsés, supporting their efforts to protect the frog's habitat and preserve their way of life.


As we in the modern world reap the benefits of this medicine, it's crucial that we return some of that abundance.


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