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A member of the Matses tribe prepares Kambo medicine in the jungle.jpg

The roots.

Sourcing the medicine.


I've had the rare honor of being initiated by an esteemed Amazonian tribe, the Matsés - renowned warriors and hunters of the Peruvian jungle. This alliance ensures you get authentic Kambo sticks, straight from the source.

I've trained with the Matsés, learned their medicine collection techniques, and even encountered the mystical Kambo frog face-to-face. Their leader has blessed me to bring Kambo's healing to the West, with a clear message: Your people are sick.

Kambo is powerful, and with that comes responsibility. It's crucial to select a practitioner who respects its origins and understands its depths. When you choose your Kambo source, trust your intuition and prioritize genuine connections.

AYNI - Reciprocity

The Kambo frog's population is stable, but their habitat—the Amazon rainforest—is under threat. I’m committed to making a real impact. A part of every session you book aids the Matsés in safeguarding their traditions and homeland.

Interested in the Matsés and how to help further? Drop me an email. With Kambo, your personal healing journey contributes to global wellness.

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