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Kambo's Plant Allies

Hapé and Sananga are powerful Amazonian medicines that are often paired with Kambo ceremonies to enhance the healing experience. Hape grounds you and sharpens mental clarity, while Sananga purifies vision and clears negative energies. Together, they will help prepare you both physically and spiritually for the potent cleansing effects of Kambo.

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 Open Group Sananga Ceremonies

Sananga is a traditional medicine from the Amazon rainforest, specifically from the roots and bark of the Tabernaemontana undulata shrub. Indigenous tribes have used this potent remedy for generations, for its vision-enhancing qualities. 


Administered as eye drops, Sananga is known for the intense burning sensation it initially induces, a feeling often described as a form of deep purification. After this intense sensation subsides, people report heightened mental clarity, refreshed vision, and emotional catharsis leading to a bliss state.


On a spiritual level, Sananga cleanses the aura, paving the way for deeper insights during shamanic ceremonies. It's a third eye-opener! 

If you wear contacts and wish to sit with Sananga, please wear your glasses to the ceremony!

Private sananga hosted ceremonies by request.  

Hape Kambo Ritual San Diego


Hapé, also known as Rapé, is a ceremonial snuff that hails from the indigenous traditions of the Amazon basin. Comprised mainly of finely ground wild tobacco and blended with other medicinal plants, Hapé has been used for centuries as both a physical and spiritual remedy.


When administered, usually through a bamboo or bone pipe, it clears the nasal passages and can induce an immediate sensation of grounding and clarity. Devotees of Hapé love its ability to sharpen focus, purify the mind and spirit, and create a deeper connection to the Earth and one's inner being.


Beyond the immediate sensations, many users report transformative experiences, both subtle and profound, that align them with their intentions and the world around them.


Spiritually, Hapé is believed to realign and balance the chakras and cleanse one's personal energy field.

Both Sananga and Hapé are optional inclusions in your Kambo ceremony.


However, they are highly recommended due to their ability to deepen the overall experience and create a sense of profound receptivity.

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