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Winter Harvey

Master Kambo Practitioner
Yoga Teacher ERYT-1000


Kambo found me when I was quitting the birth control pill after 22 years of use. I was on a fitness holiday in Thailand and saw a frog flyer hanging in an acai bowl shop.


At the time, I was struggling with all the signs of a major hormonal deficiency (hair loss, low libido, dry skin, and irregular periods). My health intention for that first ceremony was to cleanse my body of all the synthetic hormones. Kambo not only cleared out the toxicity - it showed me how to reconnect to my womb, recover, and heal. 

In 2021, I heard the call of the jungle and traveled to South America to study tantric and shamanic arts at Durga's Tiger School. It was there I was given the mission of serving frog medicine in the modern jungle. ​


My commitment to Kambo is rooted in both Western and Indigenous traditions. This synergy helps me orchestrate a Kambo experience that's as scientifically sound as it is spiritually grounding.

Tribal Detox in Colorado equipped me with contemporary, research-backed methods prioritizing safety, but it was my immersive experience with the Matses in the Peruvian Amazon that deepened my spiritual connection to this sacred medicine.  

I've also completed advanced Kambo practitioner training with Caitlin Thompson of Medicine Frog Kambo to cater to clients with Lyme disease and autoimmune conditions.

Over the years, I've developed a strong bond and clairaudient connection with the frog and am honored to share and serve its healing power with you. By weaving my trauma-informed yogic background with shamanic practices, I craft a unique healing experience tailored to your individual health intentions.

I believe returning to a more natural way of living doesn't mean walking backward. It's about grasping the raw, powerful wisdom of our ancestors, melding it with modern insights, and marching it confidently into our future. We’ve been cogs in a health system that has exploited our trust for far too long. It's time for change!!


Are you ready?

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