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Winter Harvey

Kambo Practitioner 

Yoga & BreathworkTeacher (RYT1000)

Kambo found me when I was quitting the birth control pill after 22 years of use. I was on a fitness holiday in Thailand and saw a frog flyer hanging in an acai bowl shop.


At the time, I was struggling with all the signs of a major hormonal deficiency (hair loss, low libido, dry skin, and irregular periods). My health intention for that first ceremony was to cleanse my body of all the synthetic hormones. Kambo not only cleared out the toxicity - it showed me how to reconnect to my womb, recover, and heal. (click here to watch my video about this first ceremony)

In 2021, I heard the call of the jungle and traveled to South America to study shamanic arts at Durga's Tiger School. It was there I was given the vision and "mission" of serving frog medicine in the modern world. ​


I have been Western and Indigenous/traditionally trained in serving Kambo. ​My first certification and initiation was with the globally recognized Tribal Detox in Colorado, an organization that focuses on the practical, contemporary applications of Kambo. They place safety above all else and lean heavily on scientific research. ​


Then I took initiation deep in the jungle with the Matses of the Peruvian Amazon. I received blessings to carry this medicine across cultures. 

Over the years, I've developed a strong bond and clairaudient connection with the frog and am honored to share and serve its healing power with you. 

I blend my trauma-informed yogic background with the shamanic arts to create a ceremony that is well-orchestrated, safe, and customized to your specific health intentions.  

Returning to a more natural way of living does not mean returning to the past.  It means reconnecting to the traditional wisdom of our ancestors and bringing it forward with us into the future.  Our health system has been exploited for way too long - the revolution starts now! 



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